home is where the heart is

I fell in love once and swore he was heaven sent
I fell in love once and I haven’t been the same since
I fell in love once and figured out what hate meant
I fell in love once and I haven’t been in love since
I fell in love once…make that twice
I knew the second time it was true
I knew because I couldn’t wait to get back to you
You shine so bright with such a warm smile
You have a gentle touch as I admire your presence
and you never had to spoil me with your presents
but the silence that we can share as I sit by the ocean
to clear my mind
I knew I fell in love again because when I left,
I felt empty inside
I know you’re waiting for me
I couldn’t be more positive that it’s meant to be
You stole my heart-
L.A. you set me free


This was my last day in California, I had to capture this because this was the exact moment I realized I didn’t want to leave and almost cried. I honestly felt like someone broke my heart and it’s how I knew I was ready to make changes in my life. It may seem silly to write an ode to a city and some might think it’s crazy of me to say I’m in love with a place and not a person, but when a city can make you feel at peace and nature gives you the opportunity to fall in love with life; I don’t think a person really compares to those feelings of figuring out who you are and falling in love with yourself. They say, “home is where the heart is” and though I love my family (as I’m hispanic and we don’t do anything with out one another), my heart isn’t where my home is. They also say, “the heart wants what the heart wants” and after taking my adventure to Los Angeles this past year, I fell in love all over again just as I did 13 years ago. I have never felt more sure about where I wanted to end up and though it is scary as hell to move across the country away from all your family, I know I just have to dive in and do it…because that’s my dream. The thing about me is, I won’t let someone tell me no, I won’t let someone make me think my dreams are unaccomplishable (I might have made that up–who knows lol) or stupid–I just don’t allow negativity to take control of how I feel and what I want. I’m judged all the time by my family, like I’m always doing something wrong because I haven’t graduated college yet and make all this money. I’m 26 and I’m not married and I should have children since I’m still in my hometown (like what else are you going to do?) It’s ridiculous. Who says there’s an age limit or a time limit on when you should have something done? I don’t think people realize how old some of these billionaires are when they became billionaires and how many times they “failed” before they succeeded. Life is about experiences and as long as you learn from those experiences and never give up, then you never really fail–it’s called progress and I have made a hell of a lot since I first moved out of my house–I can’t even explain how much I’ve learned from all my experiences and trial-n-errors. So, yes, I wrote an ode to a damn city because that’s where I want to start the next chapter of my life, that’s where I envision all of my success happening. I just think everyone should try to do what they really love and never let someone else tell you you can’t do something because I have seen some pretty incredible things done by people. Your mind is a powerful thing, you just have to learn to use it…the right way.

Remember –
to always try, you never fail until you stop.
to never listen to anyone who tells you you can’t.
to always tell yourself you will.
to love. to live. to laugh.
to kick ass and take names

“Uh, damn right I like the life I live
‘Cause I went from negative to positive
and it’s all…
(it’s all good)”
-Notorious B.I.G

-A. J

Discovery Challenge: Adventure


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