a time of innocence

FullSizeRender.jpgOne of the most life changing events that could possibly happen to someone is having a child. The majority of my friends either have children or want to have children and I’m just over here like, “pass me another margarita!” I have to be honest, the thought has crossed my mind especially when I see my little nieces and nephews sleeping so peacefully, laughing at the smallest things, having the most vivid imaginations, or simply just being completely honest in what they say because they don’t have that filter yet. (Obviously reality hits me when they start crying or have a diaper full of poop). Now, I don’t have first-hand experience of what it feels like being a mother, but from what I hear…the good outweighs the bad; there is a bond and an unconditional love that cannot be broken. I also hear that there is no feeling that compares to that moment when you bring life into this world, so I have this constant back and forth battle with myself if I ever want to have a child or not; sometimes I think, “oh gosh, NEVER!” and sometimes I think, “maybe, one day.” The reason–innocence. I mean think about all the beauty that is within a child; not only is it apart of you, but apart of someone that you love as well (at least it should be, but we know sometimes there’s a little oops there) anyway, when you think about it, how amazing is it to have a mini you? Children give us a little bit of our innocence back and I say this because we try to be careful in what we do and saimage2y around them as they grow because we don’t want to corrupt theirs. If I could be the age I am now but see the world through a child’s eyes, I would give anything to experience that for a day. They are genuine, real and don’t have any preconceived notions because they haven’t been tainted with experiences from life. Innocence is like art, it’s a beautiful thing, but not everyone can create it. Once we hit a certain age, it’s gone and I think if I were to ever have a child, it would be because I would want a little piece of life back. The beautiful part of life when it was about laughter and learning. Children observe everything, they hear everything, all the distinct differences in faces and sounds and they still don’t pass judgement because all they see is beauty and all they know is love. Having a child gives you the opportunity to learn to love again, it gives you the opportunity to be a child again-when they want you to join in on their imaginary games, laugh at the small stuff, it gives you the chance to better your life, be a role model, a caregiver, a provider and all these other opportunities we never had before. Many of us probably don’t remember much of our childhood, but hopefully your parents took enough image1photographs for you to look back on. And yes, I know, many of us get tired of seeing all the posts about peoples babies, but after being around them so much, I get it–they are preserving those memories because once it’s gone you don’t get it back. Perhaps one day I will get to experience that feeling, or maybe I won’t, I haven’t decided yet, but I am glad that I at least have so many beautiful, loving, hilarious little beings in my life. A child really is God’s gift–to see the beauty in life again. So parents, preserve those memories and try to make innocence last as long as you can! As Simon and Garfunkel said,

“Time is was and what a time it was it was,
a time of innocence a time of confidences.
Long ago it must be, I have a photograph
Preserve your memories, they’re all that’s left you”

-A. J



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