we all have to start somewhere

Most people are asleep at these hours, especially when they have to be up at 6 a.m. but these are the hours my mind decides to be the most active therefore why not start a blog, right?

I entitled my first post ‘we all have to start somewhere’ because, well we do. See, I become creative when I really should be asleep, but instead I want to write short stories and poetry; I wasn’t really sure where to begin and how to get my writings published or if they were even good enough to publish and all of that somehow turned into me starting a blog at one in the morning…which leads right back to my post title–I figure if I could write about everyday life, fashion, music and literature within a blog and develop subscribers, views, likes and whatever else people receive from social networks to gain popularity then maybe it will give me a little motivation and confidence to release some of my work. It’s a start.

I think most of us don’t get the chance to figure out what we are destined to do and if we do we never get the chance to accomplish those dreams because we become consumed by what society thinks we should do. For example, I enjoy writing, fashion, and I’m really skillful when it comes to words and communicating with people, but why would I ever pursue that? It’s like low class culture and society would never approve of a starving artist, so why didn’t I torture myself through law school to make a high six figures and satisfy society? Well, the way I see it is if everyone did what they were good at and had a passion for, this world would be a little more authentic instead of all this stress and hate we have because we decided to pursue our parents dreams instead of our own; I mean why become a doctor when you really wanted to be a football player? Those may be at way opposite ends on the career scale, but that’s my point, long-term goals and dreams don’t happen overnight, just like becoming a doctor doesn’t, but why put all that stress into something you don’t even love?

Anyway, I also can’t seem to find any fucks within me to satisfy people I don’t even know or care about. I’m just saying, we get one life, we’re supposed to do what we’re good at.

Here’s a little food for thought:
just because you’re alive doesn’t mean you’re living
we’re born, we’re taken
live. love. laugh.
when you’re a kid you fall down, you scrape your knee
when you’re older you fall down, you break a hip
shit changes, nothing stays the same
life is like a story–when we’re born that’s when our story starts and when we die our book is put back on the shelf, but it’s OUR story, we can change it; we write it, we can edit it, but sometimes there’s a surprise…we don’t know when we’ll be born and we don’t know when we’ll die, it’s life, you have to live it, the way you want, not the way someone else wants.

With that being said-
if you want to be a teacher DO THAT SHIT
if you want to be a musician DO THAT SHIT
a doctor, DO IT
lawyer? writer? policeman? hell, a stripper? DO THAT SHIT

being who you are is what makes this world a better place because we are all here for a reason, so find that reason!





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